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A critical component of an organization's Supply Chain Management ecosystem, the Infor SCE software is a state-of-the-art system that combines warehouse, transportation, billing and labour management solutions all in a single unified product. Specially fit for organizations that are catering to distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, food, and 3PL services, Infor SCE has a modern, collaborative, and interactive user interface, with voice activation and radio enablement being the key differentiators that make this product a leader amongst the current generation of supply chain offerings in the market. For any organization that is serious about streamlining its supply chain, access to real-time and accurate market information is what matters most. In addition to providing organization's with speed of operations, this product is simple to learn and easy to deploy, giving it a popularity edge amongst both - end users as well as consumer organizations.

Infor SCE

Core Capabilities

  • 01.

    Transportation Management

    steamlined financial functions
    A well integrated SCE solution, Infor SCE's warehouse management solution (WMS) and its transportation module share a common database.
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    3PL Billing

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    Automated and centralized billing leads to on-time and accurate collections, which can be published in consolidated reports so as to increase transparency across the organization.
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    Labour Management

    steamlined financial functions
    Efficient labour planning, task management, forecasting and performance reporting are just some of Infor SCE's features that help organizations drive seamless execution.
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    Warehouse Director Mobile Platform

    steamlined financial functions
    A mobile application that gives real-time information on inventory status and item movements.
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    Business Application Studio

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    Real-time BI made easy with Infor SCE's Business Application Studio which can be used to prepare dashboards without the use of complicated ETL tools.

Industry Solutions

Retail steamlined financial functions


  • The Dynamic Slotting functionality is specially designed for the Retail Industry. With this feature, retailers can adapt the warehouse configurations to changing product dynamics so as to be in an efficient state always.
  • Retail industry specific dashboard for intelligent reporting.
Logistics steamlined financial functions


  • Advanced techniques such as shipment bundling, driver compliance management, real-time traffic navigation and sustainable initiatives for energy optimization and emission reductions are all part of the grand scheme to make logistics and distribution a speedy and customer oriented industry.
  • 3PL industry specific dashboard for intelligent reporting.

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