An Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system is a highly valued piece of software for organizations that have an enormous number of machinery, equipment, electronic devices, spare parts and facilities under its operational purview. To cater to the growing demand amongst today's hi-tech organizations, Infor has introduced the innovative Infor EAM product, a fully web-architected solution, specially designed for streamlining the entire asset management cycle right from purchase to disposal. With automated processes that ensure timely preventive and predictive maintenance activities, the core EAM product aids organizations in minimizing asset related capital and operational expenditures, and at the same time giving them the safety of meeting compliance related rules and regulations. In addition to the core EAM product, the SaaS based Infor Facility Management CloudSuite, brings to the table a whole new world of 'smart' technologies to create residential buildings, workplaces, medical facilities, play schools, cafes, and cinemas for the future. Strategies such as Global asset sustainability (GAS) and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) along with 4D building information modelling (BIM) tools coupled with a great HTML5 based responsive UI are just some of the innovations that have been introduced in this award winning, futuristic EAM product.


Core Capabilities

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    In-Built Analytics

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    The Infor EAM product comes with an in-built, flexible, reporting module based on Cognos®ReportNet with ad-hoc queries, and in-built business reports for invoice statements and bills.
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    Purchase And Inventory Management

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    Inventory, purchase and warranty schemes can be designed with a holistic view in mind, so as to achieve 100% uptime of all equipment along with optimal inventory carrying costs.
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    Preventive And Predictive Asset Maintenance

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    Preventive and predictive maintenance schedules can be created from this comprehensive asset data store, as per fixed, ad-hoc or usage based rules.
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    Microsoft Project Interface

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    Planning, budgeting, tracking and analysis of assets is simplified with the seamless integration between Microsoft Project and Infor EAM.
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    Energy Performance Monitoring

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    For carbon sensitive organizations, Infor EAM can be used to monitor energy usage and flow at individual asset levels.

Industry Solutions

Manufacturing steamlined financial functions


  • Condition based monitoring and maintenance
  • Accurate compliance measurement and reporting
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Logistics Logistics


  • Automation of fleet location information through Industrial IoT (IIoT) and GPS tracking devices
  • Efficient route management
Retail steamlined financial functions


  • Tolerance levels for energy consumption
  • Sensor enabled and connected facilities for easy user interactions and lower inspection costs

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