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Connoisseurs of the hospitality business will vouch for the fact that happy, smiling and satisfied customers are one of most important indicators of having achieved superlative success. Technology plays a tremendous role in fuelling the passions of today's leading food entrepreneurs, many of who have experienced significant benefits with the new LS Hospitality Suite. With features like mobile ordering, loyalty applications, web-shopping, bulk item uploading, discount management, and statistical strategizing to name a few, this state-of-the-art product has by far surpassed the expectations of its end-users.


Core Capabilities

  • 01.

    Kitchen Display

    steamlined financial functions
    With this techno-savvy kitchen system, orders placed at the tables and counters are sent directly to the kitchen without any manual intervention.
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    Centralized Back Office

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    Any updates made at the head office can be immediately reflected at the POS terminals across all locations.
  • 03.

    Table Management

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    Easily visualize tables with list and graphical layouts which show all necessary information along with status indicators.
  • 04.

    Online and Offline Call Centres

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    The restaurant POS functionality is replicated exactly on the call center screen, giving customers the flexibility of takeout and home delivery options.
  • 05.

    Recipe Management

    steamlined financial functions
    Manage different variants of recipes and get inputs regarding ingredients, allergens, and price calculations all from one integrated information source.
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    Meal Planning

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    The meal plan allows users to plan menus and automatically send the updates to the POS on a daily basis.

Industry Solutions

Full Service Restaurants
Full Service Restaurants steamlined financial functions

Full Service Restaurants

  • Mobile POS for taking orders and making payments directly at the table
  • Special orders for customers with diet and allergen restrictions
  • Graphical table availability and reservation
Quick Service Restaurants
Quick Service Restaurants steamlined financial functions

Quick Service Restaurants

  • Easy setup of deals and offers to keep customers engaged
  • Speed order processing
  • Management has visibility of outlet level operations

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Our customers are delighted with the turnaround in their businesses by adopting disciplined, structured, and systematic processes. Implementing best-fit software and infrastructure solutions has given them the winning edge that makes them stand out as leaders in their respective industries.